Josť Penrose, Life Coach


How Life Coaching works

A life coach is not a therapist nor a counsellor. Life coaching is not about examining past experiences or emotional problems. Equally it is not a short term measure to cope with a crisis. Once a client has identified a need to change some aspect of his life, the professional coach will enable him to clarify his professional and/or personal goals and to map out a process or pathway to achieving those goals. This may involve a minor or major change of direction for the client but until the destination is clearly seen in the client’s mind, the direction that will lead him to that change cannot be defined. Once the destination and direction are clear, i.e. when one or more goals have been set, then the means of attaining them within a prescribed timescale can be established, together with the motivation which will provide the impetus to complete the journey.

A client may have goals in one or many areas of life — personal, career, relationship, health. The support of the life coach helps the client to ensure that the goals he sets are specific, realistic and achievable within a specified timescale. The coach will then provide the support to keep the client on track and motivated until the goals are attained.


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